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Data In Motion

Much of the data produced today is underutilized, in part because of the V’s of big data (volume, velocity, variety).  The traditional approach for extracting actionable information is to first store the data in a, possibly very large, repository and then perform various queries against it.  A complimentary approach is to process the data on-the-fly in memory as immediately as it becomes available without first writing it to some form of database.  Among the many benefits to this approach are extremely low latency end-to-end results and substantial reduction in storage requirements.  Open source and enterprise class commercial platforms are available for performing Stream processing of data-in-motion.


Advanced Analytics

Effectively processing the ever increasing volumes of data in more sophisticated ways requires not just one technique but rather a combination of technologies and approaches.  Examples include fusion (bottom up analysis), resource management (top town analysis), and data mining (human driven or using machine learning), along with elements visualization for human interaction. For some application spaces simple business logic is sufficient and is well supported in the major business rules engines complex event processing platforms. However, for many other important problems, the ability to handle a wide variety of multi-structured data or perform complex mathematical operations is required. 


Real-time Medical

An example of one area where the available data is being underutilized is in modern medical intensive care units.  A huge amount of data is currently being generated by a wide variety of medical monitors.  Unfortunately much of the information it contains is not presented in a form or at a time that the clinician can act upon it. Performing analytics in real-time on this data could detect conditions earlier than otherwise possible with many health and cost benefits.  Additional benefits include the ability to identify subtle and complex patterns or trends that currently go unrecognized until a catastrophic event occurs, which is often too late for an effective lower cost preemptive medication or procedure.